Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Abbotsford Times: Loss and Vision

Thanks to Christina Toth for her poetic article on Elsie K. Neufeld's Grief Blading Up chapbook launch.

Christina acknowledges that "loss is never welcome, but it comes to us nonetheless".  This is part of the universal value of Elsie's poetry, as Christine observed, is embedded in "the fabric of the natural world".

The critical point of this book, Toth points out "Those who know loss will also recognize the undertone of something mystic, something ghostly in the wind."

Another poet, Robert Martens, said of the chapbook - that in spite of the subject, the poems are not grim at all but uplifting.

The way to keep the world sane is that we (who hold so much influence over nature, the future) must acknowledge our losses, our grief, our rage against what we can't control - so that we don't project our anger onto the innocent other.

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