Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Gifts available now

 Keith Wilkinson's chapbook of poetry will be available for your seasonal gift list. The gift itself is intelligent, thoughtful, moving, and best expressed by Keith's first poem in the collection:

The greatest gift
A gift is an ocean between two continents,
a continent between two seas, an unruly bridge
that conveys explorers, returns exiles,
seeds whole civilizations.

Within a gift, old tongues touch new ears,
old ears receive new minds; ideas
join into a newness that everyone
can celebrate in song.

The greatest gift of all to give
is the one the giver wants to keep,
the one too precious to be given, too loved,
too dear, too near the heart, too tender to be tendered.

This gift, when given, gives its giver too—reveals, releases,
conveys, enchants—and is given always, only, with the deepest,
guileless trust of its receiver, given unconditionally
by the heart, with love that transforms the giver.

Keith grew up on the prairies, traveled extensively, earned an interdisciplinary PhD on metaphor, and published in ARC, Canadian Dimension, Canadian Literary Review and The Malahat Review. He currently writes, serves as a Canadian Unitarian Council transitions consultant and works as Director of Academic Services at the Justice Institute of BC.

Published by Lipstick Press
767 Chelwood Road, RR 1
Gabriola BC V0R 1X1


ISBN: 978-0-9781204-4-3

Printed in British Columbia, Canada

$8 each plus postage
To order send an email to lipstickpress@shaw.ca

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