Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Jack by Franci Louann

hearts break across Canada     for your pain  
we hold them together     for your strength  

you, who’ve done so much for so many  
all the good fights     let us win this with you  

dare we say you’ve inspired us?
lest we compare     the incomparable  

not since Terry Fox     has the C-word
hurt so many in this country  

Dear Jack     may you be a strong leader again  
or just be Grandpa     for your Beatrice  

we stand united for your strength    your triumph   
one more win for Canada


deanna silver said...

Thank you both for completing this work Franci.


Candcie James said...

Very nice indeed Franci. You are truly a compassionate soul and a gifted poet!

Franci said...

Thank you both, Deanna & Candice - this was very difficult & I appreciate Janet's encouragement.

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