Friday, August 5, 2011

Message from the League of Canadian Poets and a Poem by Susan McMaster

photo by Elsie Neufeld
Dear Jack Layton -- You may remember we met some years ago on the Hill, when you kindly accepted a poem and book from me for Random Acts of Poetry. I'm now the president of The League of Canadian Poets, and wish to express for all of us our very deep appreciation of your integrity, passionate belief in the importance of community and humanity, and longterm, active commitment to the arts. We join in offering our warmest sympathy and support to you and Olivia and your family.

And as a personal offering, here is a poem of mine that can be read as a prayer or as a thought (depending on the shades of your stance on such matters!). I wrote it when my 15-year-old daughter was in serious danger of death from a ruptured appendix. She recovered completely and is now a happy and healthy 30-year-old. Sent with love and hope.

for a morning
not yet frayed
for every mourning
night endured
that wakes to ease
in the breathing chest
warmth of joints
taste of rest
that wakes
to the sky
blue silk
of day

Susan McMaster


Franci Louann said...

love and hope, that says it all...
thank you, Susan
& all poets here...

Ursula Pflug said...

Very dear poem, Susan.

Anonymous said...

Am at very long last discovering a number of things on the infinite internet. Thanks for posting this, Janet, and for your comments Franci and Ursula.

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