Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BC Bookworld

BC BookWorld's latest issue has reviewed Heidi Greco's "A: The Amelia Poems" on the second page of its printed magazine, under the abecedarian "Who's Who".

You can pick up this amazing 42 page periodical at many retail sites for no cost. It contains the latest books published by BC writers and includes some reviews as well.

Due to the sudden removal of all provincial funding from Pacific BookWorld News Society, they are in financial trouble. You can support this excellent paper by sending $25 to Pacific BC BookWorld News Society at 3516 West 13th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2S3. Or visit www.bcbookworld.com and use PayPal.

Footnote: I don't know if this is a true perception or not but I sense that the community and arts programs that are working well in terms of their contribution to civil society are having their funding cut. If that's so why would that be?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grief Blading Up into a shared community

The launch for Elsie K. Neufeld's first poetry chapbook "Grief Blading Up" was a warm and comforting experience.

Grief connects us all when it is told through authentic reflection. As Elsie read her poems there was a palpable peace in the gallery of the MSA Museum.

Thank you Elsie for having the courage to share the deepest aspects of your heart and your life so that we may understand we are not alone, and not obliged to pretend that all is good all the time.

Thank you to the MSA Museum for providing the room, coffee and juice, and to Dorothy, the Executive Director, for being so supportive and generous.

And thank you to all who came.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Launch for "Grief Blading Up"

Lipstick Press and MSA Museum
invite you to the launch of
Elsie K. Neufeld’s
first poetry chapbook
Grief Blading Up
7pm, November 19, 2009
MSA Museum
2313 Ware Street, Abbotsford V2S 3C6
Tel: 604-853-0313

Please RSVP: lipstick@smartt.com
Books will be available for signature and purchase
for $8.00 each

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Darcie Hossack says about Grief Blading Up

It's late, almost midnight. The neighbour's dog is howling his loneliness, annoying to a lover of cats, but still full of sorrow from one being to one who can't help but hear. Your poems arrived yesterday, and after a busy day, I've been leaning against the kitchen sink in the almost dark (I always wash up in the dark), dishes dripping into the tray, reading poem after poem, feeling
air fall over my skin as though I'm suddenly outside, with soil and graves beneath my feet. Elsewhere, you are in the world, and somehow the world feels less cold for my knowing.

Darcie Friesen Hossack
Mennonites Don't Dance (Thistledown Press, September 2010)
A collection of prairie stories that form a picture of family, often torn apart at the seams.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Gifts available now

 Keith Wilkinson's chapbook of poetry will be available for your seasonal gift list. The gift itself is intelligent, thoughtful, moving, and best expressed by Keith's first poem in the collection:

The greatest gift
A gift is an ocean between two continents,
a continent between two seas, an unruly bridge
that conveys explorers, returns exiles,
seeds whole civilizations.

Within a gift, old tongues touch new ears,
old ears receive new minds; ideas
join into a newness that everyone
can celebrate in song.

The greatest gift of all to give
is the one the giver wants to keep,
the one too precious to be given, too loved,
too dear, too near the heart, too tender to be tendered.

This gift, when given, gives its giver too—reveals, releases,
conveys, enchants—and is given always, only, with the deepest,
guileless trust of its receiver, given unconditionally
by the heart, with love that transforms the giver.

Keith grew up on the prairies, traveled extensively, earned an interdisciplinary PhD on metaphor, and published in ARC, Canadian Dimension, Canadian Literary Review and The Malahat Review. He currently writes, serves as a Canadian Unitarian Council transitions consultant and works as Director of Academic Services at the Justice Institute of BC.

Published by Lipstick Press
767 Chelwood Road, RR 1
Gabriola BC V0R 1X1


ISBN: 978-0-9781204-4-3

Printed in British Columbia, Canada

$8 each plus postage
To order send an email to lipstickpress@shaw.ca

Lipstick Press is not publishing books now

Dear Poets Sorry to let you know we have not been publishing chapbooks since 2010. We did some online publishing - mainly for social iss...