Lipstick Press is not receiving any more submissions at this time.  We regret to say we must take a break and rethink how we need to proceed in the future.  While the only profit we make comes in the form of pleasure ~ creating chapbooks and supporting poets whose work we love, we must rethink our business practice.

I have learned much from working with and encouraging poets who bring to the page their integrity and creative talent, and believe this small press has had five years of success in achieving what it set out to do ~ publish good poetry.

We still have most of our books for sale (Grief  Blading Up and The Picket Fence Diaries have sold out) so you can contact us with your orders by emailing

with gratitude

Janet Vickers
Publisher, Lipstick Press

The Magnificent (a poem for Colten Boushie) by Lesley Strutt

I would like to dedicate this poem to Colten and all those who are grieving for him, who feel lost, frightened, unheard, unseen, excluded...