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Happy Birthday to "Winter Gifts" author, Keith Wilkinson

League of Canadian Poets: P.K. Page Trust Fund and Benefits Readings

Heidi Greco does Seven of the Proust

Words for Orange by Antony di Nardo

Hope and Optimism by Janet Vickers

Silence for Jack by Antony di Nardo

Dream no little dreams (from an Indigenous prayer, spoken at the funeral) by Ellen S. Jaffe

For Jack Layton, d. August 22, 2011 by Penn Kemp

Yesterday, for Jack Layton (1950-2011) by Waldemar Ens

Among Today’s Dead and Sorely Missed by Penn Kemp

The Last Line is Yours by Penn Kemp

Up and At 'Em, for Jack by Penn Kemp

Sleepless by Elsie K. Neufeld

just jack by Joe Blades

Poems for Jack Layton - memories, thanks, sadness, grief at Canada's loss ...

Jack Layton 1950 - 2011

Poems for Jack: thanks to all who gave their thoughtful words to this project

Daniela Elza's Review of Robert Martens "Poltergeist"

for Jack - by Elly Nobbs

Message from the League of Canadian Poets and a Poem by Susan McMaster

Jack Layton by Michael Anstead

A Prayer for a Jack of New Lantern by Stevens Taeho Han

Below and Above (poem for Jack) by Sho Wiley

Poem for Jack: by Janet Vickers

In these moments (for Jack and others just diagnosed) by Elsie K. Neufeld

Dear Jack by Franci Louann

Poem for Jack: by Honey Novick

Poem for Jack: Healing Breezes by Heidi Greco

Poems for Jack Layton

Happy Birthday to Elsie Neufeld

Poetry Survey

Martens and others at Literary Cafe: July 11 at Harrison Memorial Hall

Happy Birthday to the author of The Picket Fence Diaries - Al Rempel

Poltergeist by Robert Martens

Lipstick Books available at Renaissance and Page's Resort & Mariner

Happy Birthday Heidi Greco

Birthday greetings to rob mclennan

Happy Birthday Franci Louann

Franci Louann reads from Beach Cardiology January 30th