Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poems for Jack Layton

Although this site, has in the past, been exclusively for Lipstick Press publications, about the author's reading and writing news, I propose something which moves into the political. I do this very cautiously, because I don't wish to venture into a partisan argument.

Jack Layton - taken from Facebook profile
What I ask is, for poets to write and submit to lipstickpress@shaw.ca, short poems of healing thoughts to send to Jack Layton.  No, Lipstick Press is not venturing into spiritual healing right now, other than the kind of healing that comes with a flood of letters and cards showing deep concern when someone's plans are interrupted with a critical health issue.

Jack Layton is now battling a cancer separate from the prostate cancer that he had previously overcome.

Having worked passionately in a hostile environment that barely yields any thanks from the electorate, the media, and business, do we have any words to convey to Mr. Layton as he courageously faces this battle? If so, please send your own, previously unpublished poems to the above mentioned email address with "Poems for Jack Layton" in the subject heading,  and those that we feel are appropriate will be posted on this blog.

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Franci Louann said...

Thank you, Janet. I am working on a poem. It is humbling to think of attempting to honour such greatness.

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