Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poem for Jack: by Janet Vickers

We have walked particles of the whole
breathing circle in and out
becoming and having been ordained
in our DNA—a species of this rarefied perplexity

earthbound shooting stars we are
flashes of nebulous necessity and grounded humility
plain and beautiful—how we feel so much
deeply, abundantly, affirming the yes of every question
we can’t say no to as if there can ever be such a thing
as nobody to prove against

so rest now and let the body heal its lesions
let it knit back together what has unravelled
and let the mind manage the mending
of that which we cannot measure

so be it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In these moments (for Jack and others just diagnosed) by Elsie K. Neufeld

whir of a fan as it turns
on its stand, sideways and
back, blades blowing out
long, cool breaths like a
metronome’s path. Even
the cat's fur is ruffled
as table’s green cover rises
and falls like a chest. Puffs
of air trembling a fresh
arrangement of orange
orchids, lemon bright
callas that, shaded, furl
into scrolls, open again
in summer's blue

light. a skirt of salal
brushed briefly aside
from neck of glass vase.
Low hum unsettled
by scrape of a card
that will not be
felled by a gust as those
already toppled from
shelf. It is evening, it is
morning, the blades are
a story spun over and
over like alarm bells tested
today in the hall as if
saying it once, twice – to
the nth degree – will
make it all right.

A gull on the edge
of a high rise stands
on one leg, scratching
its bent head and chest.
A pigeon on opposite
end spins like a dervish.
Is seeing believing?
Cloud wafted past window
isn’t a cloud, it is
the dust of men drilling
concrete or maybe a white
snippet of hair, cut and
swept up in a draft.

Soon, the black
barges will burst open
the night sky and
Celebrate Light, but
now, in these moments
the tide of traffic on
Beach Ave. echoes
the waves' wild break
and recoil. Pigeons
lift off to the sound
of their own wings’
clapping. The gull
drops its leg and turns
like a fan to face  
another direction.
Still breathing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Jack by Franci Louann

hearts break across Canada     for your pain  
we hold them together     for your strength  

you, who’ve done so much for so many  
all the good fights     let us win this with you  

dare we say you’ve inspired us?
lest we compare     the incomparable  

not since Terry Fox     has the C-word
hurt so many in this country  

Dear Jack     may you be a strong leader again  
or just be Grandpa     for your Beatrice  

we stand united for your strength    your triumph   
one more win for Canada

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poem for Jack: by Honey Novick

photo by Heidi Greco
Your courage, concern and humanity will always lead.
I am fervently praying for you and Olivia and Mike and your whole family.
There is strength in tears and tears in life.
My hopes, dreams and prayers are with you constantly
as you have been there for us, the Canadian people.
Run Jack, run.
That's how I see you -- running and now you are running for your life.
Take very good care,
You are not only admired but loved by many.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poem for Jack: Healing Breezes by Heidi Greco

evening wind begins to rise
bringing cool relief

moiréed curtain breathes
such steady rhythm

in and out
its hem

a running wave
along the wooden sill

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poems for Jack Layton

Although this site, has in the past, been exclusively for Lipstick Press publications, about the author's reading and writing news, I propose something which moves into the political. I do this very cautiously, because I don't wish to venture into a partisan argument.

Jack Layton - taken from Facebook profile
What I ask is, for poets to write and submit to, short poems of healing thoughts to send to Jack Layton.  No, Lipstick Press is not venturing into spiritual healing right now, other than the kind of healing that comes with a flood of letters and cards showing deep concern when someone's plans are interrupted with a critical health issue.

Jack Layton is now battling a cancer separate from the prostate cancer that he had previously overcome.

Having worked passionately in a hostile environment that barely yields any thanks from the electorate, the media, and business, do we have any words to convey to Mr. Layton as he courageously faces this battle? If so, please send your own, previously unpublished poems to the above mentioned email address with "Poems for Jack Layton" in the subject heading,  and those that we feel are appropriate will be posted on this blog.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Elsie Neufeld

Author of Grief Blading Up has a birthday today. Wishing her (and us) more of her poems.

Elsie is a big supporter of emerging writers and poets. She grew up with stories that brought home the ghosts of her ancestors who never made it out of Russia. As a young girl she would write to family she had never met, and couldn't expect to meet, as they were in Siberia and Germany.

Grief Blading Up sold out pretty quickly, so we regret to say we have none left, but we are looking forward to her next book.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poetry Survey

Reading or writing poetry? If you are reading this site you are likely doing one or the other or both. Please would you take our very short survey?

This is really a test for Lipstick Press and the first survey we have done. If it looks amateurish that's why.


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