Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Launch for A: The Amelia Poems

There is a warm feeling when people gather for a chapbook launch. The link between a writer's creativity shared with friends, family and peers, is reminiscent of a child naming ceremony - a celebration of something we all knew was incubating now dedicated to the community.

Even though I had read the poems in this book many times, Heidi Greco's reading aloud, accompanied with her informative narration brought new depth to the skilled storytelling within the short poems.

Twenty seven people attended the launch at Pelican Rouge Cafe in White Rock, bringing their own questions and speculations about Amelia Earhart's life and the times in which she lived.

But something equally as interesting, enriching even, is the sense of community when we gather to celebrate the imagination - even listeners become co-creators of culture by participating in the event.

Special thanks to Shelly at Pelican Rouge for opening up the cafe this evening for the launch.

(Photographs by George Omorean)

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