Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beautiful Women Contributors

Here are the contributors' poems.  The plan is to publish in the spring.

"Unwinding" Angeline Schellenberg
"Malvena Salutes in a Howling Wind" Debbie Okun Hill
"All the best" D K Knowles
"My Mother's Wisdom" Franci Louann
"Outlier" Heather Brager
"Beautiful" Honey Novick
"Directions for the Daughter I May Never Have" Joy Donnell
"Indelible" Kate Marshall Flaherty
"Where Beauty Begins" Katherine L. Gordon
"Whether You Like It" Kim Clark
"Hide Lotus Under Leaf" Kim Goldberg
"One of Them" L Muirhead
"Funeral Home" Louise M. Carson
"Beauty is Skin Deep" Naomi Beth Wakan
"Placenta Encapsulation" Paula Lietz
"Revelation IV: The Art of the Garden" Ronnie R. Brown
"Jackie Ciano the Right Whale Hero" Shelley Haggard
"Dream of Another World" Vikash Kumar
"Revelations" Vuong Pham
"Feist" Waldemar Ens

The image on this blog is not necessarily the image for the book's cover - that is yet to be decided.

Thank you all for your beautiful poems.


pd said...

the names chosen ( hard that would be )
read like a poem themselves
congratulations to all

Janet Vickers said...

Thank you Paula - not that Lipstick chose the names, but it bodes well for the poetic eye.

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