Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jack Layton: Art and Action

For those who participated on this site's poems for Jack Layton last year, you might be interested in Penn Kemp's upcoming project. Penn is writing a book of anecdotes about Jack Layton and his involvement with arts and culture.

The working title is Jack Layton: Art and Action.

She is looking for stories, from a paragraph to a page or two, on encounters with Jack in the many arts and cultures that intrigued him. Each contributor will receive a copy. She is also seeking pieces on how Jack has continued to influence our lives and our activism; how his spirit has stayed with people since his death last August. Jack inspired her personally to move from performance poet to poet activist. Like throughout his long municipal and federal political life, Jack welcomed and encouraged everyone to become an activist to effect change. Now the time has certainly come!
 Email Penn Kemp for more information: penn@pennkemp.ca.

Please visit Quattro Books website for more information.

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